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Lashing parts guide

Notes you must know on lashing of major cargoes on ships

There is no clear definition of bulky cargo, but it generally refers to cargoes with a large weight or size and cannot be divided for transportation. The transportation of heavy cargoes is risky and difficult and requires strict lashing solutions. When transporting heavy cargo, a separate lashing scheme design is required and effective verification is needed to ensure its safety.

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lashing damage
Lashing parts guide

Lashing and securing solutions for ocean transportation

With the development of the global economy, more and more cargoes show the trend of large-scale and heavy-duty, from the initial electrical equipment to the current jack-up platforms, warships, engineering vessels, yachts, and semi-submersible platforms, TLP platforms and other deep-water floating platforms, etc. The weight of cargoes also rises from 100 tons to 1,000 tons or even 10,000 tons, therefore, the market of large marine transportation comes into being.

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lashing bridge
Lashing parts guide

Process guide of lashing bridge for mega container ship

Taking the construction of 20,000TEU lashing bridge as the main object of analysis, the process of lashing bridge is analyzed with the accuracy control as the core, the accuracy control requirements in the process of lashing bridge construction are proposed, and the problems arising in practice are summarized and some suggestions for optimization and improvement are put forward.

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