Buried Embedded base foundation deck sockets


Weldable raised ISO socket single type To be used for container stacking as a counterpart of several types of twistlocks (wide body manual, turnfoot, semiautomatic) turnfoot Dring and others. Standard height 110mm, other heights available upon request.



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High tensile steel


according to height

SWL Tension

250 kN

BL Tension

500 kN

SWL Shear

210 kN

BL Shear

420 kN

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Usage of Buried Embedded base foundation deck sockets

The new recessed base deck sockets are a great way to save space on your deck. The sockets are sunken into the surface of the deck, making them less visible and taking up less space. This is a great option if you have a limited amount of space on your deck or if you want to create a more minimalist look.

The recessed base deck sockets are also very easy to use. They are just like any other deck socket – you just need to plug in your light fixture and screw it in place. The recessed base keeps the light fixture hidden, giving your deck a clean look.


Buried Embedded base foundation deck sockets drawing

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