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Rb 3669 low bridge fit


Bridge fitting, to link together the top containers of two adjacent stacks. Can be used on deck or in a hold. Resists tensile and compressive forces. They can be used with container with different separation, and are tightened by means of the nut in the middle


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High tensile stee


2.98 kg


40 kN


80 kN

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Usage of Bridge Fitting

Lashing is a technique used to join two or more pieces of wood together by looping rope, wire, or cable around them and then tying the rope tightly. This technique is also known as ‘bridging’.

Bridge fitting is a type of lashing that involves joining together two or more pieces of timber at an angle. This can be done with either a single piece of rope or with two ropes, one on each side of the joint.

The most common use for bridge fitting is in boat building where it’s used to join planks at an angle. The result is that the boat takes less water when it’s afloat and has more stability when it’s moving through waves.

Container fittings and lashing equipment refer to a variety of lashing products. The system is combined in a certain way to solve the safety problem in the process of container transportation. Through the function of the fastening system, the safety and reliability of transportation are ensured.

After years of development, the container fastening system has produced a variety of container fastening technologies, such as container fastening technology for special container ships, general-purpose container fastening technology for multi-purpose container ships that meet OSHA requirements, Fastener technology. And many more.

Due to the different fastening technologies, there are many types of binding and fastening products, including deck fixings, cabin fixings, deck movable parts, cabin movable parts, etc. These products vary according to their application in special container ships or multi-purpose container.


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bridge fitting
bridge fitting

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