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Container Mid Lock



Hot-dip galvanized

Min breaking loads tension 500kn shear 420KN

Compression up to 1200KN

All items are approved by major classification societies


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Ductile Iron (housing) Drop forged (cone)


5.2 kg

SWL Tension

250 kN

SWL Shear

210 kN

BL Tension

500 kN

BL Shear

420 kN

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Introduction: Types of Mid Lock

A container Mid Lock is a type of container that is in the middle of the two other types of locks, the top lock and the bottom lock. It has a more complicated mechanism than either of the other locks and is used less often.


Container Mid Lock is an essential part of a container system. It is designed to keep the container door in the open or closed position, as well as to lock the container in place. Container Mid Lock has a number of specifications that are important for users to be aware of. First, it has a weight capacity of up to 2,000 pounds. Second, it can be mounted on either the left or right side of the container door. Third, it features a keyed locking mechanism for security. And finally, it is made from heavy-duty steel for durability.

Manufacturing process

The process of making these locks begins with the design stage. Here, the team determines the specifications of the lock and creates a blueprint. This blueprint is then used to create a mold for the lock.

Once the mold is created, it is used to produce the metal parts needed for the lock. These parts are then assembled and tested to ensure they meet quality standards. After passing inspection, the locks are packaged and shipped to customers. This process ensures that each lock meets Mid Lock’s high standards for quality and performance.


Container Mid Lock is an essential piece of equipment for the shipping and transport industry. It is used to secure containers in place while they are being transported. without it, the containers could easily become dislodged and fall off of the truck or ship.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of container mid-lock:

1. Prevents the accidental release of hazardous materials into the environment.

2. Helps to secure cargo during transport.

3. Prevents unauthorized access to the cargo.

4. Reduces the risk of collision and damage to the cargo.

5. Improves safety during transport.

Disadvantages of container mid-lock:

1. May increase transport costs.

2. Can complicate loading and unloading procedures.


Usage of Mid Lock

TLashing Mid Lock is a technique used in sailing. This involves using a line to attach the mast to the deck of the boat near the middle, as opposed to at one end. This provides more stability and makes it less likely for the boat to tip over. It is often used when there is high wind or when sailing in rough seas.

Container fittings and lashing equipment refer to a variety of lashing products. The system is combined in a certain way to solve the safety problem in the process of container transportation. Through the function of the fastening system, the safety and reliability of transportation are ensured.

After years of development, the container fastening system has produced a variety of container fastening technologies, such as container fastening technology for special container ships, general-purpose container fastening technology for multi-purpose container ships that meet OSHA requirements, Fastener technology. And many more.

Due to the different fastening technologies, there are many types of binding and fastening products, including deck fixings, cabin fixings, deck movable parts, cabin movable parts, etc. These products vary according to their application in special container ships or multi-purpose container.

Intermediate twistlocks and cones are used between containers to secure them and avoid separation. They resist horizontal and /or vertical forces. There are several types: wide body intermediate twistlock, semiautomatic, midlocks, turnfoot twistlocks, intermediate stackers, and others The twistlocks require locking after lashing, while the intermediate cones do not. Left and right locking available for the twistlocks.




semi lock
semi lock

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