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RO-RO Lashing Equipment knowledge

What is Ro-Ro lashing equipment?

hort sections of chain or wire rope. The term comes from the Dutch word “roer” meaning to move or to shake. Ro-Ro lashing is a type of marine cargo handling that involves the attachment of a heavy chain to the bow and stern of a ship. The chain is then hauled in by a winch, which pulls the ship closer to the dock. Ro-Ro lashing is used to move bulk cargo, such as oil and coal, between ships and shore.

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Fixed Equipment knowledge

What is container fixed equipment?

Container fixed equipment is an important part of the maritime industry. The vessels that transport goods between ports rely on these systems to keep cargo moving. These systems include cranes, loaders, and unloaders. They are often responsible for moving cargo from ships to inland storage areas or onto trucks. The machines help load and unload ships, as well as move goods between docks. These machines can be extremely complex and must be able to handle a wide range of tasks.

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