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Turnbuckle adjust the tension in ropes



Hot-dip galvanized

Min breaking loads tension 500 KN

All items are approved by major classification societies

Stand distances MIN 920~~MAX1400mm

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Introducing the Turnbuckle: The World’s First Smart Luggage Handle

The Turnbuckle is the world’s first smart luggage handle, and it’s about to make travel a whole lot easier. This innovative new product connects to your smartphone and allows you to track your luggage, receive real-time updates on its location, and even set up alerts if it’s been tampered with.

With the Turnbuckle, you can finally rest assured that your luggage is safe and sound no matter where you are in the world. Whether you’re at the airport or on the other side of the globe, the Turnbuckle will keep you connected to your belongings.

Application of  turnbuckle

A turnbuckle is a handy tool for tensioning cargo in a container. By turning the central handle, the arms of the turnbuckle can be pulled together or apart, increasing or decreasing the tension on the line. This makes it possible to secure heavy items in a container, preventing them from shifting during transport.

The use of a turnbuckle is simple but effective. First, tie one end of the cargo line to an anchor point in the container. Then, run the line through the turnbuckle and attach it to the other anchor point. Turning the handle will tighten or loosen the line, securing the cargo in place.


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